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This has nothing to do with shoes but I just thought it was genius. As much as I appreciate The Sartorialist and what he does, I do think that some of his pictures tend to consist of many of the same type of individuals, which this clearly points out. Enjoy a laugh, but lets not forget that The Sartorialist has been a major positive influence in the fashion blogging world.

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2 thoughts on “Sartorialist Spoof”

  1. Man, you spoke my mind. — And if they wanted to do these seemingly classist and snobby persons' photos, they have every right to, but one nasty practice of that blog is that any unflattering comments (absolutely clean and normal ) never get a chance to be shown. Yes, they have the right to. No, I am not here arguing whether they have the right to, I am arguing what a lousy practice they have.

  2. Anon – I agree, all comments should be shown, unless they involve seriously nasty remarks. But it is unrealistic to never have criticism….its not natural-Justin, "The Shoe Snob"

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