Santoni Double Monk Loafer in Blue Alligator – Stunners!

Santoni Double Monk Loafer in Blue Alligator - Stunners!

I have never known how to feel about these double monk loafers by Santoni. I am quite that on my foot I won’t like them. But when I see them in pictures and on others I am drawn to them. It is funny liking something elsewhere but not on yourself. I guess it’s simply my deep appreciation for footwear but simply not loving how each model would suit my own personal style.

So I saw these on Sole Preacher’s IG page recently and was in awe. I wont lie, not crazy about the sock combo there but think the shoes are pretty frickin’ cool. A nice solid, light grey sock would wrapped that deal up for me. But the loafers are a true beauty. And this is what I love about Santoni. They can make the best of shoe. I am talking the best of shoe. But they dont often do so as there is more money in cheaper constructions. But even in their cheaper cemented, blake stitched or what-have-you, their finishing is simply out of this world. That I have known ever since I visited the factory back in 2008 and saw their team of ladies sitting in their section there hand-dyeing and polishing all of the shoes. It was impressive to say the least.

They did a terrific job on these alligator stunners. That blue is amazing. We all know that I am weak for it, although these days I am almost wear zero blue shoes outside of Summer. I think I need to make myself some blue suede chelseas thinking about it. Thats too many months of a blue-free life!

Back to subject. These double monk loafers. Killer to look at. Would I wear them though? Nah, probably not. What about all of you? Do you like them?

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  1. Nope… lol! I agree they look gorgeous but… they don’t fit my style… The alligator, in blue, both? Who knows… I am a blue guy though, but not on my shoes. Curious, innit?

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