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Thanks to stores like Leather Soul and Leffot, the shoe aficionados around the US are able to find the shoes that they have always dreamed of owning without having to fly to the nearest country to get them. They are now in their backyard. A brand that has been getting a lot of attention lately, particularly on my blog, called Saint Crispins, is now going to be available at the much beloved Leather Soul stores around the US. Although the website did not specify, I would imagine that they will be carried at both the Honolulu and Beverly Hills locations. While I could not even afford these shoes, as they are in the range of 1000 Euros (this leaves me curious to their $ cost), I am quite pleased to know that people in the States will now have easier access to the brand, as I believe that they make beautiful shoes, and would love to see people wearing them.
Always trying to do too many things at once, as I was writing this prior bit I checked to see their other stockists, and it would appear that they are also being sold at the US website Mad About Town, at a whopping $1800 per pair price range. WOW!! That’s more than John Lobb!! Well, I can’t wait to start seeing this being talked about on Style Forum and am eagerly curious to know how they feel, because at that price, they better be close to bespoke comfort. Nevertheless, it’s good to see them around, and I will look forward to their hopeful progression.
Pictures from Leather Soul below:

Pictures from Mad About Town below:

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