Carmina – Ruby shell cordovan

Can’t remember whether or not I mentioned this before on the blog (but I am sure that I did), that a new shop in Toronto, Canada (called Leatherfoot) just recently opened, selling the likes of G&G, Saint Crispins, Alfred Sargent, Carmina and La Cordennerie Anglaise. I just recently perused the site and found what looked like the holy grail of online shoe shopping. I mean, there was everything from these ruby red shell cordovan Carmina’s, to the electric blue Saint Crispins below, to the contrast tie tassels by La Cordonnerie Anglaise, to a whole lot more and then some! It really please me to see this happening and all I can hope for is a shop like this in London to pop up sometime in the near future. I know that a few people have thought of it and actually attempted it but the race is still on….To the owners of Leatherfoot, well done on a great shoe line up!!

12 thoughts on “Leatherfoot Online Shoe Stock – Heavy, Heavy Shoe Porn!!”

  1. The green tassels are just brilliant, not less than that!
    Justin, may I ask for some recommendation on manufactures of classic shoes in wide fittings throughout the assortment(like Church’s), not just offering a few models?
    Thank you

  2. Just bought a pair of wholecut oxford Carminas from these guys. Great knowledge about shoes, customer service on par with shops in Japan (that’s saying something, as I’ve only ever experienced ONE other shop that sells high end aftermarket automotive components who can bring that to the table).

    Will def visit again. It was a toss up between getting OTR Carminas vs getting a pair MTM by a local shoemaker. As this is will be my main pair of brown/tan, OTR (and in this case, Goodyear) won.

  3. What an incredible selection! I’ve never seen “ruby shell” before. And I want it.

    (“There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…!!!”)

  4. Fantastic selection! Thanks for sharing Justin. I quite like the ” cordonnerie anglaise” shoes. Do you Know where I can find them in Europe, preferably France? I couldn’t find much browsing the web and their website says nothing about POSs… Many thanks! Ed

  5. I had the good fortune to visit this store for the first time several weeks ago and immediately succumbed to a pair of navy shell cordovan Carmina wholecuts. More recently, I had the pleasure of attending Leatherfoot’s first trunk show for St. Crispin’s and learned a lot from Mr. Phillip Car – a most knowledgeable ambassador for the brand.

    This place has finally put Toronto on the shoe world map – terrific selection and tremendously knowledgeable staff who clearly share a true passion for fine footwear. I expect my bank account will suffer mightily.

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