Ruby Red Cordovan by Cleverley

Ruby Red Cordovan by Cleverley

I saw these Cleverley’s the other day and while I am not crazy about lazy man elastic stuff on my shoes, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the color of them. Not only the color, but I also love the name of it, ‘Ruby Red.’ I would mind having a nice pair of oxfords in this leather, particularly one that maybe had a bit of red or burgundy suede on the top bit, like a balmoral. And while most people might be afraid of a color so bold, what people forget is that others appreciate seeing it on your foot, even if they would never have enough courage to wear it themselves!

4 thoughts on “Ruby Red Cordovan by Cleverley”

  1. can you actually repair the elastic part once it gets worn out? i also dislike elastics because they somehow negate the idea of making shoes last longer. i can imagine cobblers excellently replacing worn out soles but resewing worn out elastics – not so sure.

  2. I’m a big fan of ruby shell as well. Carmina has a pair of ruby shell brogues in their e-boutique.

    Justin, quick question. What’s your personal belt selection like, if you don’t mind my asking? I know you have a wide selection of shoes in great colors and am wondering how you go about pairing a belt.

    If you were buying ruby shell shoes, for example, would you feel that you should pick up a belt to match? I know there’s some reasonable leeway here — I wouldn’t be aghast at pairing these shoes with a burgundy or oxblood belt I already own, for example. But knowing myself it wouldn’t be long before I was hunting down a ruby shell belt. Just wondering how you approach the situation!

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