Gaziano & Girling wholecut oxford with medallion1

Vintage Cherry by Gaziano & Girling is quite possibly the best shade of red the footwear industry has ever seen. It’s not so strong that it frightens you or reminds one of blood, but not so deepened either that it loses it’s red nature. It’s the perfect way between and looks stunning on most of the shoes that they happen to make it in, particularly on this lovely whole cut model on the ever-beautiful DG70 last. While I sometimes think to myself, I wish that I saw more red shoes out there on the feet of men, I can justifiably understand why there aren’t. It’s a bold color, no doubt about it. But when pulled off right, can stun the best of them into dropping jaws of awe. And I bet that the owner of these bad boys will command just that with ever stride that he takes….

Gaziano & Girling wholecut oxford with medallion

7 thoughts on “Red Gaziano & Girling Wholecuts…”

  1. Jesper Ingevaldsson

    Georgeous shoes, gorgeous color! But are you sure they are on the DG70-last? Looks a bit wide and too “bulbous” too me, looks more like a bespoke last maybe.

    1. you are right…forgot to check the trees…G&G use different trees for different types i.e. bespoke, RTW etc and these trees are for bespoke clients…must definitely be based off the DG70 though…has that same curvature..but yes not as sharp..good spot!

      1. Jesper Ingevaldsson

        Ah yeah, the bespoke trees are hinged, right? Didn’t think of that myself either, will remember it for future G&G-spotting though 🙂

  2. Oh my god. These are amazing!

    Do you know if these are available to buy off the shelf or would they be made to order/bespoke? Can’t seem to find them anywhere…

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