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Random Thoughts – Sartorial Blunders

I was just realizing that I have not really been a ‘snob’ in quite awhile and I think it’s about time that I got back into the role, being a big part of the reason I started this blog. I love giving shoe porn to the masses but, in reality, I especially love talking about all of the terrible, terrible sartorial choices that I witness in everyday life. Thankfully since I moved to Europe I have not seen this atrocity so much but just this last summer while I was home in America, I was so appalled that the major stores still sold boot-cut jeans as if they were still the high fashion. What’s worse is that guys still wear them as if they are the coolest thing and to top it off they couple their boot-cuts with square-toed shoes, GROSS!!

Sometimes, I feel like it’s not the fault of these d-bags, for dressing the way they do but really the fault of the buyers of America who, unfortunately, still buy this crap!!! Because really, if the buyers can’t move on, then neither can the public. Thankfully though, there are European stores like Zara and H&M — which have more proper fitting silhouettes — that are sprouting up everywhere and can appeal to the masses (considering that nice stores like Barneys sell t-shirts for $150 and we are not all rich). Bottom line though: We Americans need to move on. Let’s break free from these disgusting sartorial atrocities!! Baggy, boot-cut jeans are not cool! Affliction t-shirts are retarded! And more importantly, square-toed shoes are just outright horrendous. Get with the times, people!

Picture Courtesy Of: Details Magazine Article

8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts – Sartorial Blunders”

  1. I agree with you almost %100 hermano, but unfortunately your favorite stores including H&M stores simply don’t cater to us big dudes who want to keep up with the trends. Your on point about the squared toed shoes.They gotta go no matter what your wearing but the jeans part I disagree. There is not much difference between boot cut and the cut I wear which is relaxed. Trying to wear an updated, slim profiled shoe, either dress or casual based, looks just as ridiculous as if I were rockin a Steve Madden shoe or an Ed Hardy t-shirt with the jeans I choose to wear. I do own some straight leg styles and wear them occasionally but frankly there no as comfortable as my other jeans. Relazed cut seems to be the popular choice for me and this leads me to wear footwear styles like the Sebago Fairhaven boot, John Varvatos Converse one stars, and the Asics ultimate 81. I think it’s important to cater the look to the individual as well as to the trend. You have to know what you can and can’t get away with. ( If I was wearing a pair of your jeans in my size, I’d kick my own ass!) Looks great on you, not so much on me.

  2. I agree with the previous commenter that for some people its the only way to go. Also if one does wear boots with boot cut jeans, it isn’t that bad. That being said, straight leg jeans are still the better overall look.

    I’m not one for skinny jeans or “stacking” jeans above shoes, but that is what some people think is the bees knees these days. I just know personally I wouldn’t be comfortable doing (or rolling my jeans) so even if its the sartorial thing to do, it wouldn’t work for me.

    Granted…square toe shoes and Ed Hardy gear are in such bad taste that I think they should just be banished from the world.

    P.S. Awesome blog Justin. This is daily reading for me!

  3. I do agree with Justin, but If you like a wider cut / relaxed jean as most men of the world do, they need to be cut well. If you are to wear a wider denim perhaps go for a brogued boot or Chelsea boot, as most of the shoe is covered. I find it really irritating when chaps do wear quality shoes but their fraid jeans cover any chance of the shoes in question being seen. Christian .

  4. I have to agree with your post. I love the fact that you said that you have not been a ‘snob’ in a while. I have the same mind set. I am a beginning boot maker starting to enter the world of shoe making. I have been called a ‘boot snob’ on more than one occasion.

    I am currently working at a bar and like to scoff at the boots and shoes people are wearing. I wish I could get away with taking pictures of the shoes and clothes that people wear.

    Great blog by the way I visit every day and look forward to the shoe porn 🙂

  5. Jojo – You know what I mean, jo, I am talking about those 7 jeans that look like clown pants, the ones that could fit an elephants leg into them. I don’t always wear slim-fit jeans, with certain outfits yes, but with other more relaxed outfits, I will wear something a little more relaxed, obviously because I am so thin they might still look ‘slim’ so to speak! Thanks for reading Jojo!!

    Joker1004 – No i agree, I am not one for all of those other styles either. Being a slim guy I take slim fit jeans (but not those nut-huggers), that would fit me like you would think a straight leg would. Glad that you enjoy the blog, thanks for reading!!

    Christian – My thoughts exactly, why even wear shoes if you are going to wear those jeans that cover your toes, might as well go barefoot!! Shoes are meant to be shown! Thanks for commenting Christian!

    Colin – Glad to hear about your ventures in bootmaking. I too wish that I could take pictures of people’s shoes (good & bad), it would make my blog so much better, but I am afraid that if I did I would have to have some serious confrontations or fights with the people who have ugly shoes on! Might be worth the risk though….
    Glad that you like the blog, thanks for reading Colin.

    -The Shoe Snob

  6. As a European – let’s start with appreciating to see an American without sneakers and baggy chinos 🙂

    I am always surprised to see nice stuff in American shops which make it possible for everyone to dress properly and with some style, and then be surrounded by a majority of people who dress awfully.

    You are right, Americans have to move on!

  7. ayes this wide jeans with square-toes shoes is a pretty bad combo…i can tell what this guy looks like and wear just from this photo…
    The buyers gives the masses what they want if they would offer the average American guy a fitted pair of jeans he will buy it 2 sizes bigger so they will be loose on him….he did not grow up on style and don’t care for it! A European guy enjoys shopping, the American guy gets new stuff only when his wife buys them for him…it says it all!
    btw bootleg does not mean that the jeans should be loose, i make bootleg jeans that are well fitted from waist and down and just bootleg at the bottom and its actually a great silhouette for those who have more hip to cover… but for some reason bootleg here became just ugly loose fit…
    isn’t it fun to vent through blogging?
    any ways, i wanted to wish you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy NEW YEAR! and i look forward for a lot more shoe porn from you in 2011!

  8. Anonymous – Thanks for the words, and for reading!!

    BOAZ – I guess that you are right, I tend to generalize sometimes when I bash styles, but yes the majority of bootcuts in America are just awful to say the least. But overall, I am just more of a straight/slim leg type of guy. Thanks for the holiday wishes, I wish the same to you and hope that you have a terrific New Years!!

    -The Shoe Snob

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