Shoe Do’s & Shoe Don’ts Pt 1 – Dress Shoes

I see so many wannabe stylish men all the time and can’t stand when they are just wearing the worst shoes possible yet think that they are just so cool. Its even worse when their wannabe cool girlfriends lead them to believe that they are stylish and then you just get a terrible looking couple with no style what-so-ever YET they think that they are so stylish. You see this a lot in Seattle and definitely in California and possibly all over America and it makes me fear for our upcoming youth, LOL…. No, really, there are a lot of ugly shoes worn constantly and I would like to express what to wear instead of these butt-ugly shoes.


Left: Only acceptable for those men over 50 not trying to be fashionable. Not acceptable with a suit either. This shoe (particularly the cut of it) should be eliminated from society.

Right: Not that you should have a purple shoe but at least something more modern. Purple is nice but not a necessity. This in black would also be great! (Shoes by Paul Smith)

Left: Acceptable NEVER!!! It’s terrifying how many men own this shoe! They are the most disgusting things I have ever seen!

Right: A more elegant option such as this is much more viable of an option. It’s versatility alone makes it more practical not to mention how much better looking a round toe like this looks in comparison to anything squared off. (Shoes by Anthony Delos)

Left: Fake stylish, real ugly. Would not look good with a suit or jeans, just a bad cut overall.

Right: Stylish people usually wear simple things that go well together just like these burgundy colored oxfords would. They are clean, precise and simple and have a color and cut that are timeless. (Shoe by Anthony Delos)

More Do’s and Don’ts (Do’s still on right)

Right Picture Above: Saion (Japanese maker)

Right Picture Above: J.M. Weston

Right Picture Above: Saion

Bottom Line: If you are following a trend and everyone else and their mama owns the same shoe that you do, you are not stylish. Be creative, be selective and most importantly be original and if you can’t manage to do these things then don’t walk around with a swagger like you’re “The Shit!”

4 thoughts on “Shoe Do’s & Shoe Don’ts Pt 1 – Dress Shoes”

  1. lmao your right about those shoes needing to be eliminated from the planet, and the second ugliest shoes in part 2…wow…very ugly. YET I SEE SO MANY MEN WEARING THEM. Thank god you've come to set these guys straight!

  2. Hmm… not sure I agree on Weejuns as a ''shoe don't". They are great for casual wear (only) and a pair of burgundy weejuns and jeans are a perfect match. Don't really see why don't fancy em. I mean it's no as if they are square toed.

  3. AFJ – While I can't say that I don't like them as much as I didn't when I wrote this post (2 years ago), I can say that I have never really appreciated the bulkiness nor cheap looking leather that they use. I, myself going for the penny loafer look, would prefer something a bit sleek, like these: yes, I can agree that if I had wrote this now, I might have used a different shoe for the 'don't' part of it…-Justin

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