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Ramon Cuberta has just released two new and very attractive models for his ‘Made to Measure’ program to give customers more options in choosing their favorite model. His MTM program is much like the bespoke in which you can get a fully handmade shoe, but what is different (much like MTM in suiting) is that instead of getting a custom made made and measurements, you get approximate measurements based off another last and fitting it to your foot as best as possible. This in turn cuts down not only on cost (for the client) but also waiting time. For those that don’t have tricky feet to fit, this is the best outcome to get really good fit, handmade shoes, shape like bespoke but not have to pay the premium for bespoke nor suffer through the waiting times

As you can see Ramon loves an adelaide model, as these are both versions of one. But adelaides are quite popular these days so I imagine that they will go down a treat.

Ramon will attending our London Super Trunk show this May 13th at The Music Room so do many sure to stop by and check out his work!

RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_01 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_02 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_03 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_04 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_006 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_07 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_08 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_09 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_10 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_11 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_12 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_14 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_15 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_16 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_17 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_18 RCuberta_Bespoke_2016_05_19 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_02 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_05 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_06 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_07 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_08 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_09 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_10 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_11 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_12 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_13 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_15 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_18 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_19 RCuberta_MTM-ArrowOxf_20

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