Python Monkstraps by Paul Parkman

Python Monkstraps by Paul Parkman

It really is funny how tastes evolve. Especially when you are young and think that you will forever be the same. And then your parents laugh at you for making comments like that and you thinking ‘those crazy old people don’t know what they are talking about’, and then 15 years later they were you right and look like the fool. Time and time again that has happened to me since entering my 30’s!!! But I guess that is the journey of life for you.

So the other day a customer of mine was asking about making a button boot in black/white python to match his belt and truth be told I have NEVER liked python. I don’t even like snakes. But when I got to my factory last week and saw the python skin and started putting a picture in my mind and the more I thought about it the more intriguing it became. Now I am almost as excited to see the end product as the customer is.

Python Monkstraps by Paul Parkman

Now that brings me to the post at hand. I saw this pair of Paul Parkman double monks with brown calfskin and python and did a double take on it! Prior, I would have never even considered it or given it a second thought and while this one is a bit bold for my personal taste, it intrigued me and left me thinking of how to incorporate more exotic leather into my rotation. Could just be that with the amount of shoes I own, I am seeking something ‘new’ to add to my vast collection and as I have literally nothing exotic I am being drawn towards it.

Either way, I will soon be venturing into that category of dress and brands like Paul Parkman give great inspiration to the possibilities that can be achieved with their enormous collection of exotic offerings. And this is just a dab into their extraodinary capabilities!

Python Monkstraps by Paul Parkman

This pair here goes for $590. I believe its standard production is Blake Stitched on this particular model. The beauty of Paul Parkman though is that you can customize any shoe they have as most of their work is essentially MTO with only a 2 week production time. So if you fancied this model here but wanted a different color or construction, that can be easily achieved. Simply email them and they will make it happen.

Happy Shopping!

Python Monkstraps by Paul Parkman

2 thoughts on “Python Monkstraps by Paul Parkman”

  1. Seriously?! I guess you’ve sold out just like everyone else. Paul Parkman shoes are tacky, gaudy and overall garbage, I cannot believe you’d put them alongside the others on your blog and think your readers won’t notice that clearly you’ve been paid to put this here.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      You are clearly missing the point of this blog. And to think that my readership is only shoe geeks that count stitches to the inch on a welt and only praise makers that sell shoes only above $1500 as the holy grail of footwear. Well Jens, its not the case. My readers are vast and all of likes. If you read carefully I actually say that this pair is not for me but gives me inspiration in trying out exotic leather. True fact. Nowhere did I compare quality of them to others. Personally, I am not crazy about shoes made in Turkey but I will say that Paul Parkman has an vast array of designs that are inspiring. I am a designer so this I appreciate. And many others will too. Just because you dont means nothing. Also their boldness to put colors together is something I appreciate. The Shoe Snob idea is more than just ‘the highest quality shoes’. Its about any shoe brand being different and not afraid to make a statement too. I have put boat shoes, to sneaker lines to many other types of shoes than just writing about only the best of the best. I love all shoes. All types. But not all brands and not all qualities. And anybody with a brain knows that the people on the right side advertised are paid. But I choose them. You know how many people solicit me to put their brand on my blog and I decline? No you wouldnt. But there are many. And NO one tells me what to write about or say. Thats a part of the agreement. So thanks for your judgemental and yet very uninformative comment. I hide behind no curtains.

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