I have added to The Marketplace my last bit of shoes in my personal collection that I have for sale.

I have also given a price drop to the existing ones there. All of these shoes come with some sort of shoe tree and most of them with toe taps.

These will go quickly so do not hesitate to grab one or more!

Sizes: UK6.5/UK7 — US7.5 / US8

Prices: Between $150-$200

Happy Shopping

Justin FitzPatrick



2 thoughts on “Price Drop + More Pairs Added – My Personal Shoes for Sale”

  1. Hi Justin! What lovely shoes! I wish those were my size. Are the boots in the first picture J. FitzPatrick Genesee boots in Mulberry or Burgundy? What color cream and polish do you use to maintain such a lovely reddish-purple color? What about the color for the burnish on the toes?

    Maybe you have already done this and I have missed it, but could you please do a post on different color creams and polishes for various leather colors?

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