A few weeks/months back, I did a post about customized loafers/shoes and one of the brands that I highlighted was Persona. Out of that interest in the subject, the owner Derrick, emailed me and offered to make me a pair in order to show me what the company was all about. Being the shoe fanatic that I am, I kindly accepted and began thinking about what I wanted. Being that the company is based around the philosophy of being able to create what you want, I felt a bit overwhelmed with all of the options and decided to be lazy and have him create me something that already existed, that I liked and saw on his Instagram. Little did I know that I would soon realize that his company could do so much more than I had previously thought, and I fell in love with two pairs, both of which were one’s that I did not order. The first one was that lovely vibrant blue suede tassel loafer with white accents (pictured above and below), and the other is the teal suede espadrille that makes my heart tremble!!

While I don’t regret my decision (as you see in the pics below), I must say that I will have to order that espadrille sometime or another, as I find it so hard to actually find one that I really like, but I think that it’s the shoe (outside of a nice driving loafer) that really poses itself as the best alternative to a flip flop! I finally received my shoes the other day, thankfully, as the sun shine here in London is dwindling by the day, and as you can see from the pictures, the canvas material in light sand is just not something that I can chance on a wet day. After wearing them for a day, I found them to be quite comfortable for a relaxed type of day. If I am going to be honest, the sole is quite thin, so you will want to make sure to either protect them or not get caught in any torrential type weather. The shoes are very soft and break in within about 3 seconds, so if you are like me and like a snug fit, I would suggest a half size down just to make sure you maintain that fit after the shoe gives…….other than that, I look forward to next Spring for when I call really start rockin’ them!

In the meanwhile, Derrick was kind enough to offer all Shoe Snob readers a 20% discount for a limited time period. I thought that was very nice of him and hopefully will serve some of you whom were looking to buy this type of shoe. That being, if you do find yourself heading to Persona’s website (personabespokefactory.com) and checking out with a pair, just type in the code: SHOE SNOB (in lower case) to receive your discount.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Derrick at personastores@gmail.com.

6 thoughts on “Persona Footwear”

  1. My friend – another great post! Honestly, every pair was amazing so I’m sure you’re decision was not simple. Thumbs up to the pair chosen! As always, my best to you.

  2. Hi Justin,

    Love the shoes, great choice of colour scheme. Though I can’t imagine they will stay that colour for long in the dirt of London (how would you keep them clean?).

    Also, I’d like to echo the requests above for a rundown of what you’re wearing in the photo – the whole outfit is fantastic! Love the way the top half harmonises with the shoes. Could you please let us know?



  3. Ramsay – thank you my friend!! glad to hear from you…

    Laurence – Levi’s 511 for Urban Outfitters

    Johan – H&M

    Alex B – $425…..

    Alex – wouldn’t really know how to clean them…will be one of those that only see’s the light of day a few times a year…. see above for outfit details 🙂


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