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It truly is amazing to see how a shoe can be transformed from rubbish bin status, to practically brand new with a little dye and polish. And there are not too many people more skilled than my friend Paulus Bolten, who I have seen many times take the worst of them (shoes) and restore back to things of beauty, as he did here. While there aren’t too many people capable of this type of restoration work, I personally feel that it is nice to know that there actually are some people who can take your thrashed shoes, that look like there have been left for dead, and restore them to a state that is deemed presentable. Time again have I seen someone who is on their last leg with a pair of shoes and be so bummed out because they no longer sell that particular model anymore and then throw the shoes away, when little did they know that all they needed to do was send them to the cobbler for a new sole, and then to Paris for a complete refurb! It may cost you a pretty penny, particularly if you are not in Europe, but what is that in comparison to throwing away your favorite pair?…..Nevertheless, feast your eyes on what can be done to those mucked up shoes sitting at the bottom of your closet, set aside a couple hundred of whatever currency you dabble in and make those ugly things pretty again!

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