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Septieme Largeur Patina Shoe collection is currently discounted at €70 per pair off their regular price. After deducting the VAT from the price (for those who are outside of the EU), that puts the shoes down to $246 and the boots down to $298. That is full-on patina-of-your-choice footwear for under $300. That is unheard of. Especially when you calculate the fact that most individual patina artists start at $150 to apply a patina. But this is their Black Friday deal and it is one heck of a deal, especially if you are not paying the VAT. It is even more enticing when you realize that the Euro is still quite weak, at least against USD.

I will be surprised if they do not sell out as these prices are too good to be true. But I do think that some might find it confusing as the shoes show on the page as just natural crust shoes. The reality is many people do not like to take the time to read these days and potentially believe that is all that they are getting. But the actual fact is that is just the template you purchase, to then select the patina you want, of which Septieme Largeur has a large amount of options from their catalogue of patina styles. Once you understand that, you realize how great of a deal it actually is. It is essentially Patina MTO for under $300 for Welted Shoes made in Spain. Hard to beat, especially if you love patina.

But this deal only lasts through the weekend so make sure to act fast!

See a small amount options below in photo, with a ton more at the link HERE

Grab your pair here:

Patina Shoes Patina Shoes Patina Shoes Patina Shoes Patina Shoes

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