Septieme Largeur has officially launched its new SS2022 collection. It is actually quite different for them this year. They kept it very classic and concise. A tight collection with a simple theme: It’s All About The Loafers! And rightfully so. After what felt like a ‘Forever-Winter’ all I think about now is putting loafers on from here until September and Lord knows I need it as my feet are about 1 shade off from paperwhite! Thankfully I will be taking an Island trip soon to make those about 4 shades from paper white 😉 But enough of that! Let’s check out what they got going on this Spring/Summer.

New, Unlined Loafers:


For those that like to go sockless, as I do, there is nothing like an unlined shoe to caress your feet all day. That lining, while supposed to be soft, makes the shoes just a tad stiffer and therefore not as pliable as their unlined counterpart when touching the bare skin. So, most brands usually have their unlined collection and so Septieme Largeur has added theirs with the newer Manhattan loafer in these two lovely, classic brown shades of suede. I can imagine this being their top seller this season. We all need a pair like this for those smart-casual days or even for those of us that like to travel in style and not turn up in a sweatsuit to the airport. This is that perfect all-purpose Summer shoe.

Shop the unlined loafers: HERE

Commando Sole Loafers


Not their first run at this style, but the fact that they are going for that look again and expanding on it, meant that it must have had a good reception. I have personally grown quite fond of commando soles, but have never tried one on a loafer. I have always been intrigued by it though as the commando sole is comfortable and after a long, hot day on the feet, a leather sole can sometimes be quite tiresome. That commando comfort just might leave the feet still intact after one of those days and for those that know what I am talking about you just might take an interest too.

Shop the commando loafers: HERE


Ivy League Style Loafers – Blake Stitched


Now, these are not my personal cup of tea but they are a classic, particularly in America. While working at Nordstrom, way back when, I used to sell this style by the boatloads, from the brand Bostonian. Many of you who know that name might have just chuckled as they make horrible shoes, so it is good to see that someone with some credibility make a proper version of them. While I would not personally wear bookbinder leather I do like the idea of the two-tone model in the naval colors. A classic Ivy League look. I can imagine a lot of this shipping to the upper East Coast of the US!

Shop the Ivy loafers: HERE

Braided Belts


When I saw these beauties, I instantly ordered two of them. In fact, you can see me below wearing the dark brown version. I love a nice braided belt and what I really loved about it was the brass buckle. I have stopped wearing silver buckles/jewelry so finding a good brass buckle really helps. And I love the idea of braided belts as my go-to as I really only wear belts with jeans and do not like big, thick casual style ones nor wearing finer dress belts with jeans. So this was an all-around win-win for me and assuming that many others will feel the same. In fact, I know so as they have already told me that the stock is going quick on them!

Shop the braided belts: HERE

We should all be thinking about loafers right now as I am sure most of you are. Question is, which style will you go for? I have my predictions. Make sure to snag up a braided belt or two while you are at it. I promise you will thank me later

Happy Shopping!

Shop the Spring/Summer Collection:


****Septieme Largeur is a partner/supporter of The Shoe Snob Blog and this has been a sponsored post***

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