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I normally don’t like things that have zippers on them but find the clean look of Orban’s hidden side zip ‘Beatle’ style boot quite appealing, particularly in the Dark Brown Suede. The older I get –bear in mind that is only 35– the more that I find things without laces appealing. It simply gets harder to bend over and do the darn lacing!! And I am still quite skinny (so to speak). I guess I better start stretching more. But all jokes aside, the cleanliness of this boot and that fact that they hid the zipper is quite attractive to me, for something that I would have otherwise never thought twice about.

And you don’t often find models like this by the classic makers. While having this hate (sometimes love) relationship with zippers on shoes, the more I set aside my subjectivity, the more that I realize that they can be elegant if done tastefully, like Orban’s shows us with their Longwood model, as it is called. And at €185, it is hard deal to beat.

The question would be which color to get? I can see the black going with a lot, but being lazy and not wanting to shine my shoes these days, I often gravitate towards suede. And the brown calfskin which actually probably look best with a nice cap shine, but also requires the most upkeep. Decisions decisions!

A great weekend to all!

Justin FitzPatrick

2 thoughts on “Orban’s Side Zip ‘Beatle Boot’”

  1. Shape is meh. Looks like I’m wearing pancakes. The only company that does side zip correctly is SLP (alas Blake). Shaft, heel, waist is spot on.

    Also I don’t think you are really a fan of pancake shoes Justin. I don’t think American aesthetics appeal to you.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thanks for sharing Sam. You have a pair then? But no, definitely not a fan of pancake shoes. I like it sharp as you know

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