Victorian Boots by Dimitri Gomez
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If I had to choose one style of shoe/boot to wear for the rest of my life, it would definitely be an oxford boot. For me, they can go with everything from suits to jeans and everything in between. The only problem is that they have to be done in a very sleek manner for them to be able to fall nicely under a pair of slick suit trousers (according to many, I put the modern day ones underneath a suit any day of the week). It’s actually quite rare, however, to find them that sleek these days, as most production GY welted shoes are quite heavy looking, unlike their Victorian cousins that were handmade and quite dainty. During the Victorian/Edwardian eras they were made so slim that they looked great underneath the suits of the time, but gone are the days were we make them so sleek, outside of bespoke. These versions here by Dimitri Gomez are perfect examples of how elegant they can be if done with finesse. And the one on the right is among the best that I have ever seen…


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  1. Nice post. I agree that Dimitri Gomez makes some very nice boots — and shoes too! I spent some time on their website. Thanks for providing the link.

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