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Norman has a great series of imagery for his latest collections of shoes. And these shots and shoes, more importantly, are mind-blowing.

I particularly like the featured balmoral which at first glance looks like a common oxford but then when looking more deeply at it, shows Norman’s great attention to detail in the small, subtle design changes that he makes to really separate his brand. This is just what I like though but not really the shoes/s that separate Norman’s design extraordinaire abilities to the rest. His Deacon Chelsea and Derby are something that Norman can proudly say is HIS. And, of course, it’s done so well that others have started to copy them, a sign that he has made it!

On top of that, another subtle detail that I particularly like and one that helps differentiate his classic shoes to others is the often very faint and soft reverse patina (reverse burnish) he adds to this toes. If you look at all of the shoes in this post, they all have it on the toe. Instead of adding a dark burnish to his tips, he adds a light one, which takes a lot more skill to do.

And the reality is that this post is just the tip of the iceberg to what Norman offers in this collection. For me, even outside of our friendship and not being bias, Norman is offering probably the coolest shoes in the shoe industry right now, at least in terms of design and ‘coolness’ and also his prices are good for the quality he offers.

Grabbing a pair from Norman is a no-brainer for those that want to set themselves apart from the masses.

2 thoughts on “Norman Vilalta Crushing The Shoe Game”

  1. Best shoemaker in the world, but more important, one of the nicest person youíll probably meet. Down to earth. As said, is very nice to be important, but its more important to be nice. Well.done Norman. Glad to have met you through university!! Sean

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