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No Pair is Beyond Saving

A good shoe shine artist is like a magician. They bring things back from the dead and make transformations that would make your eyes pop out. But make no mistake about it and I will say this loudly ‘that there are not many that have these capabilities.’ Shining a shoe is not the same as rejuvenating the dead. It takes another skill. Anyone can shine a pair of shoes. Few can restore them to their former glory and beyond.

Steven Skippen of ShoeShineUK is one of those people. Steven has been in the game long before shining shoes was “a thing,” and in London, has made quite a name for himself from his shine stand at the London Hilton at Park Lane. We used to compare notes on our different techniques back when I dabbled in the Art of Shoe Shining. What I always found intriguing was that Steven uses his fingers to work in the polish which has proven incredible results which you can easily see here as he trasnformed a pair of Alki chelsea boots from my brand, J.FitzPatrick Footwear.

His Instagram is filled with examples like this. All mind-blowing and will guarantee to leave you in awe. So if you live in London, close to it or just happen to be traveling there, do give Steven a visit to magically transform a pair of your shoes beyond saving to see what he can do!


No Pair is Beyond Saving

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    My name is Tshepo Thobejane. I am based in South Africa, and would like to know if you have a branch or franchise in South Africa?


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