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For those that don’t already know, I am a boot guy. So bad in fact that I recently had to drastically downscale my collection as prior to selling off a ton of my personal stock holding, the boot side of my wardrobe alone was around 60 pairs. If it didnt get so hot here in NYC and physical space came cheap, I would wear them all year ’round.

So you can imagine that I love when Autumn comes around as I am finally able to start breaking them out and add them to my daily rotation. And the thing I love 2nd to boots are jackets so now you really get where I am going.

I love my button boots but the ones I find myself gravitating towards more often than not are my hiking boots (the black ones in particular) and my chelsea boots. Could also be that the button boots are at the back corner of the closet and these at the front but thats another story.

The point is boots are my thing. You can probably tell that by my shoe brand and the fact that in reality thats probably what we are best known for. I love to reinvent classic models. And I will always attempt to do that. If you have any requests, I am all ears.

So here is what I have worn in the last 2 weeks. All by J.FitzPatrick Footwear.

Which one is your favorite?

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

-Justin FitzPatrick

2 thoughts on “What I am Wearing – Boots”

  1. I take it you are a man that doesn’t like chisel toe (aka soft round). I think you had said in the past that it was still a trend and it wasn’t going to last (maybe it was someone else). But it was introduced maybe in 2006ish. Though GG introduced it earlier.

    The chisel was an evolution from the hideous mid-90’s square toe. Being new to shoes, I thought the square cut toe was the pinnacle of the shoe design as you didn’t need to use the tip. My first expensive shoes were a pair of Prada square toe shoes. Even by 2005, they started to look extremely dated. Their proliferation within cheaper brands made it even more hideous.

    But the toe has a aestheic and a practical purpuse. The toe gives a balance and stride to the shoe. As hideous as the square toe was, without it, I don’t think we would have the chisel toe we have today.

    For a ‘fad’ the chisel toe is running it for a very long time. It doesn’t look hideous yet. It seems to be destined as a classic with the almond toe. All brands have embraced it and keep making lasts on this toe. It is as predominant as the almond toe. Although looking at womens fashion, chisel does not hold the same prevalance.

    What are you thoughts now that the chisel seems to be permanent. I think a nice writeup on this is required. Are we still in honeymoon phase with the chisel toe?

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