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Shilshole on JKF last
Shilshole on JKF last


Dear Readers,

I just want to thank all of you have that supported the brand by acquiring a pair of J.FitzPatrick shoes, whether at full price or on sale. I hope for those that have, that you have been enjoying them and that they have been treating you well. On another note, I have added two more models, as shown in this post, to my clearance sale (FOUND HERE). As I explained before, this is a rare opportunity to get some of the models of my range that I will not be re-releasing, at least not any time soon, and at a bargain of a price. This will not be done again, not at least in this nature and at these exceptionally low prices….so if you see something that you like, best to get it before it goes and does not return….

Fringe is you can see
Fringe is detachable…as you can see

J.FitzPatrick Shilshole J.FitzPatrick Phinney chocolate brown J.FitzPatrick Phinney chocolate brown


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