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This is probably the cleanest example that I have ever seen†of a “proper” purple leather used in footwear†and it’s quite commendable to be honest. I have always been intrigued by the idea of a proper purple being used on a pair of smart shoes but as it is hard to come by, I sort of just forgot about the idea of how cool it can look if done in an elegant way. Saint Cripsins did a good job of executing the shade and putting it on a nice conservative brogue that can almost make the color look conventional. Another feat not easily done. I have been quite impressed with how SC has just come out of nowhere (actually been around for awhile but only recently recognized by the world as a major player) and just blasted the industry with an array of cool models and vibrant colored leathers. Well done SC! These models here only go on to show that if executed well, even crazy, odd colors can be used in an elegant manner and even if you wouldn’t wear them yourself, it’s hard not to at least respect them.

Pictures courtesy of Leatherfoot, where the shoes can be found.

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