Patina GMTOs

Please note: J.FitzPatrick Footwear is my own brand. Therefore, you can consider this sponsored and the post will be in 1st person format.

Our in-house patina artist Hancore has introduced eight new patina models, now available for the first time ever as Patina GMTOs (group made-to-order). Some of these Patina GMTOs are brand-new designs, exclusive to this collection; others are existing designs, here adapted to new models–resulting in similar colors but with wildly different effects!

The “Whittier” oxford sports four new patinas in this collection, and the “Highland” chelsea boot, a further four. As always, we’ve worked with Hancore to ensure a wide range of color options, from timeless and everyday patinas to bright and bold statement pieces that you may only wear a few times a year. You’ll find a classic “antique brown” in this collection, but you’ll also find some wild purple and green designs as well!

Patina GMTOs




We love giving you options and we love seeing the designs you come up with, so this month’s patina models come with your choice of sole, with options including leather soles (single or double thickness), flat city rubber soles (single or double thickness), and commando soles. You can decide if you want a sleek and subdued dress style; a slim boot that can still brave the rain; or a chunky oxford with a heavy commando sole. If you opt for a leather sole, you can also decide between a straight or pitched heel on your pair. All at no extra charge!





Let’s talk $! Custom orders can get expensive. Custom patina orders can get very expensive. Patina GMTOs are a great way around those cost roadblocks! By crowdfunding orders, we’re able to waive the fee usually associated with ordering a custom pair, and we take things a step further with our Patina GMTOs, by covering most of the patina artist’s fee for hand-dyeing your pairs. Are you starting to smell how good of a deal this is? To put it concretely:

A custom patina Whittier oxford would normally cost $740: ($450 base price + $150 made-to-order fee + $140 patina fee). Via Patina GMTO they’re a mere $485 — and you can reserve your pair with a deposit of $242.50!

A custom patina Highland boot would normally cost a whopping $910: ($575 base price + $175 made-to-order fee + $160 patina fee). Via Patina GMTO? Only $625! And each pair is reserved with a deposit of only $312.50 with the balance due after 4 months.


Patina GMTOs




Orders stay open until December 5th, after which production begins and is set to take about 4 months. Each pair arrives at our New York boutique in an unfinished, undyed calfskin, and is then handed to our patina artist for completion of the patina dyeing process. This usually takes up to 1 further month, it may take less time, but it also may take more time if there are many orders!




We’ll be treating each patina model more individually via email over the course of the month, so stay tuned for more info! For more background on GMTOs right now, check out the GMTO information page here. For more photos, and model-specific details, please view each product’s page individually by clicking on one of the photos above or below in this email. And with any remaining questions, you may have, please chat us from any page of our website, or email us at

We hope you’re as excited about this collection as we are — happy shopping!

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