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Through my brand, J.FitzPatrick footwear, we have a new GMTO offering launching today, but on top of that, it is a patina project too, in collaboration with our friend Greg Park aka Hancore

There are two models on offer here, with 5 patina choices between them.


1. The Pullman Austerity Brogue – LPB Last, single leather sole (shown).

– Havana Waves Patina (shades of brown/tan)
– Comte Dracule Patina(deep oxblood/burgundy)
– Ivy Leaf Patina (olive green-ish)

Unlocked GMTO Price at $425 which produces a savings of $235

Shop the Pullman:


2. The Genesee Jodhpur Boot – LPB Last, city rubber sole (shown).

– Ember Patina (deep oxblood/burgundy)
– Forest Floor Patina (greenish/brown)

Unlocked GMTO Price at $550 which produces a savings of $255

Shop the Genesee:



There are some really nice patinas here. Some bolder and some more subtle. I can see them all doing really well. And for the jodhpur lovers out there, not is your time to get on board as it has been a while since we offered our unique double strap model.

Something to note is that with this GMTO, we are offering your ability to select from any of our Lasts. So use the one shown as a guide, but during the process of purchasing you can select between all of our lasts on offer for the respective model.

Remember, for GMTO’s we need a minimum of 6 pairs per model to unlock the production price, which is a minimum savings of $235. And a saving you won’t want to miss!

Production time on the pairs is around 4 months from after the GMTO period ends, which is the 1st of August. So you can expect the pairs to be ready to be shipped to you in early December.

We hope that you enjoy this new offering. We are excited about it as Greg’s patina abilities really enhance the beauty of the patterns being offered. Just might have to snag up a pair or two for ourselves!

And for anything else, you can always email us at

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