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I have always felt that a whole cut oxford should be on a last that has softly rounded edges and toe shape. As a model that, for me, is meant to stand for the utmost elegance, I have never felt that a sharp edge suited the whole cut oxford as much as a soft, rounded edge did. That was until I saw this new model by Enzo Bonafe (for Swedish shop, Skoaktiebolaget, of where the photos come from) which takes it to another level and probably makes the sharpest chisel that I have yet to see, starting those aggressive (yet lovely) edges all the way to the beginning of the vamp, just below the facing. And while I still feel that a soft version is more suited to the nature of the whole cut oxford, I do find myself quite attracted to this bipolar opposite, especially when appreciating the side profile which really shows off the appeal of that sharp line. And even better is the seeing this model in burgundy, which for me is the best color for a whole cut oxford to come in!

Enzo-Bonafe-3725-MOD-Burgundy-04_1024x1024 Enzo-Bonafe-3725-MOD-Burgundy-03_1024x1024 Enzo-Bonafe-3725-MOD-Burgundy-01_1024x1024 Enzo-Bonafe-3725-01b_1024x1024 Enzo-Bonafe-3725-03b_1024x1024

12 thoughts on “New Enzo Bonafe Whole Cut Oxfords”

      1. André Simha

        The wholecut oxford just came in … what a beautifully crafted shoe and the perfect burgundy!

  1. For once, I disagree. I find the look of these shoes quite disturbing… in the same way that the Dr Who baddies that lacked a mouth were disturbing.

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