Enzo Bonafe on the Rise!

Enzo Bonafe on the Rise!

While doing my trunk show at Skoaktiebolaget in Stockholm last month, I had the pleasure of finally being to see, feel and try on a pair of Enzo Bonafe shoes. Obviously I had known about their quality of making as they are the ones who make Aubercy’s shoes, but knowing that Aubercy has their own section within the factory making to their spec, I wanted to see how the difference came up. Needless to say they are as every bit as good as they look online and most likely even better! The prices there at Skoaktiebolaget, were between 5,200 – 6,500 SEK, roughly translating to between 470 – 590. And this is for a handwelted shoe out of Italy, which is quite impressive if I must say. I tried a pair on and of course, like nearly all handwelted shoes, they felt very sturdy and of high quality and comfort.

I really like that Skoak went and found a small factory, making brilliant shoes, and brought them into the limelight. Good quality shoes deserve to be known and when you are a small factory or brand, it can sometimes be difficult to get your name into the marketplace. With the help of Skoak, Enzo Bonafe has been able to do just that and are now getting the attention that they deserve. And the more new models and colorways of those models that I see, the more that I like the brand as a whole. So feast your eyes on these MTO beauties!

On another note, a long time blog reader is on a quest to creating a way to bypass the charge that the phone companies put on you in order to listen to your voicemails. He is doing this by releasing an app that allows you to do so without being charged. As I find the fact that one needs to pay to listen to their own voicemail the most ridiculous thing ever, and thought that many of you might agree, I wanted to share his crowd funding campaign for those that might be interested in supporting:http://bit.ly/1ptd7oZ


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Enzo Bonafe on the Rise! Enzo Bonafe on the Rise! Enzo Bonafe on the Rise! Enzo Bonafe on the Rise! Enzo Bonafe on the Rise!

7 thoughts on “Enzo Bonafe on the Rise!”

  1. Incredibly beautiful, especially those with the buttons. NOW I know what they mean by Shoe Porn.
    Yours, Giorgio

  2. those enzo button boot models are not available on the online shop! there’s only one combination available (black calf/grey suede).

  3. I’m very impressed with the quality of my Bonafe Derby boots. I hope to add a pair of shoes from them at some point down the road.

  4. I could never have enough button boots. Great look and let’s face it, you’ll never lose them in the mud, snow, whatever!

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