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The thing that makes me most happy about being a shoe designer is seeing my designs and ideas come to life. In the beginning, I tried to release a mixture of classic and contemporary designs to appeal to all clients alike. But as I have mentioned before, before launching I created a portfolio of about 50 designs, most of which were particularly ‘different’ to the standard shoes we see in the industry. A good example of that is this quilted shoe in the main image above. Now of course I would not be the first one to have done a quilted shoe, but I do not believe that I have ever seen one outside of a fashion brand i.e. a proper made shoe with good proportion, bevelled waist and all of the other details that make a ‘proper dress shoe.’ So I truly look forward to seeing it come to fruition and knowing if the idea in my head will be translated as fluidly to a real tangible product? Let’s see!

On another note, I have also wanted to start adding a few more medallions to the mix so have a few here that I am going to test out and see what happens. I think that one will for sure hit the production line while the others might stay for MTO orders only. I wanted to give more options to MTO customers as 2 medallions is not enough.

So as you can see, things are always progressing, at least in ideas! Now let’s just see how they come out!

Oh yea, which one is your favorite?

A great weekend to all

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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3 thoughts on “New Design Work – The Shoe Snob/J.FitzPatrick”

  1. Beautiful quilted design Justin. Alongside the button boots you provide the aesthetic subtilty that drives me to live beyond my means

  2. Like the third ones (Oxford, second medallion)… yet what I likemthe most is… your knstructions in Spanish! Ha!
    Cheers from Madrid and keep up the good work! All of them are great!

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