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Rezső Kuti, who is a personal friend, and longtime shoe industry worker in Hungary (worked for Vass for a while) finally decided to make a run at his own project after having worked for many others during his time in the industry. Wanting to give the industry another Handmade option to choose from, he created Passus and is well on his way to being the next industry player.

The brand boasts completely handmade shoes, which is common in Hungary, and you can at least see in the photos that they are handlasted and handwelted. Whether or not they are handsewn soles we will trust in their word. The RTW starts at €700 and I do not see a pricepoint for MTO. I imagine, as each shoe is made by hand, which means there is not much difference between RTW/MTO in terms of production, could mean that MTO has no upcharge. But that is speculation based on what I see.

The RTW consists of one model in three colorways while the Catalogue shows 13 models in various color options, all indicating 6-8 weeks until completion. I am particularly found of their derby model, Tom, as it was made to really make elegant the idea of a derby which I often find to be overly casual. And seeing it already on some customer’s feet makes it even more appealing. I can see that model being highly sought after as well as the 3 eyelet wholecut a’la Berluti.
Rezső is a great guy so if you like what you see here do not hesitate to support his new brand. You can see below, one very happy customer already sporting those lovely derbys!

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