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George Cleverley Antique Brogue2George Cleverley has come out with a few new bespoke models this A/W2013 that look very promising and exciting! I particularly like the double monk, but am also quite intrigued by the brogue with what seems to have the most brogueing in the world. It’s looks very ‘old world.’ It reminds me of something from the 30’s/40’s, particularly how it looks as if they stitched the welt with about 18-20 stitches to the inch (10-12 is normal). You don’t do see this type of making that much anymore as it takes 1. a lot of skill and 2. a lot of time! Anyway, that is my two cents, now you can read the facts, given below by Mr. George Glasgow Jr., who had a hand in designing all of them (forgive the text, still working out how to remove the formatting for WordPress).

Enjoy my friends and thanks to Cleverley for allow me to preview them first!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

“I have attached new bespoke styles George Cleverley is releasing this Fall. †Shoe Snob is the first to preview these styles. †These are all designed by George Glasgow Jr & Teemu Leppanen of George Cleverley. †Here is a breakdown:

1) From Below –† BRAND NEW style designed by George Glasgow Jr. †This style is a take on the classic derby style shoe in a two tone version. †Here we made it in midnight blue calf BUT with a chelsea blue piping & chelsea lining.

2) Our new double monk shoe in our new calf which is called antique Bordeaux. †This new leather for Cleverley has been antiqued while the hides were flat to ensure that the antique was even throughout the shoe. †Most makers today add the antique when the shoes is finished but gives it an uneven look. †Therefore at George Cleverley we decided the antique the hides when they were flat before cutting / clicking to start making the shoes.

3) †This is a BRAND new style by Cleverley’s workshop manager, Teemu Leppanen. †Here we have a classic full brogue shoe BUT made using horween shell cordovan (#8). †What we did which was special was add a pebble grain to the horween shell cordovan which is rarely seen and a difficult process to achieve because of the material.

These shoes will be presented in person at our upcoming Asia trunk shows visiting Melbourne, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore & Hong Kong then onto the USA in October. †All dates & cities worldwide can been seen here:”

George Cleverley Darby with Piping George Cleverley Double Monk purple George Cleverley Antique brogue1

4 thoughts on “New Bespoke Cleverley Models”

    1. the leather is definitely cool, but I do see where you are coming from in regards to the brogue….it’s a lot to take in!

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