New Belgian Loafer Style by Lof & Tung

New Belgian Loafer Style by Lof & Tung

Löf and Tung has beat me to the punch! Haha. I have been thinking about doing my own welted version of the famous Belgian loafer style but it looks like the great Swedish brand has come first to market and its about time someone did (someone in the more ‘affordable’ range – as G&G is not exactly afforded by all).

Its great looking too. Not yet available for RTW but I believe that you can currently place the order for MTO with a long list of available colors/materials to choose from. This brown on brown alligator is quite special and I can see it being very popular. Its subtle yet extravagant combo can easily appeal to many. Thats the beauty of a tonal mix of different materials. You are able to style it up a bit with a unique look but without overdoing it by keeping the colors in tune with each other. That often allows you to keep it smart but also have the option of dressing down too.

This is a welted piece of footwear, like a traditonal dress loafer so it is not to be confused with the Belgian’s loafer actual intention of a hybrid house slipper. These are proper shoes meant to be worn and worn well at that!

Now just imagine it with navy suede and navy alligator: a dream!

New Belgian Loafer Style by Lof & Tung

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