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The Butterfly loafer has come a long way from its home of London Shoemakers to the world stage, being now offered by Italian, Indian, American, French shoemakers. And even more British makers are having a run at it. Crockett & Jones, the leading British shoemaker in my opinion, finally decided to launch their own version after having made the model for other British shoe brands for the past 40 years. Its gaining ground and in my opnion is here to stay and replace the penny loafer as the leading dress loafer option. Time will tell that of course.

My shoe brand, J.FitzPatrick Footwear launched our version, the Hawthorne, back in 2016. At the time no one was making it with a hand stitched apron. It was mainly found in the pattern above where the vamp sits on top of the quarters but almost all of the versions by other brands had brogueing on the trim of vamp piece. So I went a different direction. Since that time though, as more shoemakers have decided to add one to their collection our offering has become less unique so to speak. That being, I thought it was time for an update. Not replacing our original, but adding another, for a more “fun” option. From there, the Meridian was born.

My inspiration fot the Meridian, came from a shoe that Charlie Watts (of the Rolling Stones) was once wearing as I saw him entering a shop on Savile Row (back in 2012). It was a two tone strap loafer in Navy calf, baby blue suede on the vamp and was bespoke by George Cleverley. It was amazing and I told myself, one day I will make something similar (but in my own design/style) and add it to my RTW collection. And here is that day.

I imagine this wont stay unique for long but as long as more people are offering this great model, I am happy, as for me it feels like progress of shoe design, innovation and customer growth as we move away from the old norm and enter a new norm!

Its PreSale just went live at my site for those who are interested grabbing a pair.

2 thoughts on “A Butterfly Loafer Done Differently”

  1. We are looking for black loafers that are ALL leather SPECIFICALLY the bottom. We cannot find this ANYWHERE. My son is a Michael Jackson impersonator and the bottoms of the loafers MUST be ALL leather. I have found tons with leather soles but the heel is RUBBER. Can you guide us? Where can I find a size 6.5 (my son is 10 and can wear a W size 6.5) all leather loafer. PLEASE HELP SHOE SNOB!

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      My suggestion would be to simply buy one with the rubber heels (as always will have that 3/4 inset) and then take it to a good cobbler to have them replace the heel block with an all leather one. That will be your easiest solution. Best of luck

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