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If you want boots that will last you not only the rest of your life but quite possibly that of your son and maybe even grandson’s life, then what you want to look into is shell cordovan from Horween, made by Trickers. The boots shown in this thread –courtesy of quite possibly the biggest collector of cordovan boots– are the ideal example of one of these boots that will stand the test of time and then some. And what I love most about them is that they are navy and not your typical burgundy or brown color cordovan. Navy shell is such an attractive color as cordovan leather really brings out the depth of the color blue and all its variants. So if you think they look lovely now you would be surprised to know that in a few months time they will be way more attractive, especially after a nice polish. And they only get better with age. So by the time †your son is wearing them, they will be priceless relics!

All pictures courtesy of Style Forum

trickers boots trickers boots trickers boots

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