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Sorry that I have not been so regular in the ‘My Shoes’ posting but I have lots of excuses like crappy weather, 4 hours of commuting a day and not enough daylight time + someone to shoot pics of me etc. But I will make it up, especially once the weather starts turning around and I eventually get all of my shoes (that are spread between England, Italy and the States) all in one place (I can’t wait for the day!!!). But to take advantage of the crappy weather, I have the opportunity to show you the more casual side of me and what better displays casual than a pair of Vans?

Anyway, here are a pair of one of my many Vans shoes, but this one might be my favorite since I am such an advocate of the black/red combination. I actually don’t really wear them a ton right now since they are not so waterproof but more love to wear them when the sun comes out, pairing them with a nice pair of jeans. While Vans aren’t necessarily the most stylish piece a man could own, I just love them for their ‘kick-around’ nature, which I try to do a lot of when not working. It’s funny because many people have this projected image of me of always wearing nice stuff, but in reality I am just a product of the urban environment (wearing lots of Vans, Converse, Sperry’s, Nike’s etc.) but I some how acquired this profound passion for higher end shoes and clothes that really drives me, but I never forget my roots and what I liked when I was younger.

P.S. Please excuse yet another blurry picture (I just liked it anyway) and the ratty Dr. Scholl’s cushions that I have in my Vans. I have pretty jacked up feet and most shoes just don’t cut it when it comes to cushioning!

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