George Cleverley
George Cleverley

So, a lot has been going on these days, not only personally with the birth of my new son (and thus the problems that I am now having with time management and getting back to emails and comments) but also with the company and the new projects that we are taking on. As you can clearly see by reading this, I have a new blog platform. And while I am terribly excited by this and the new, professional look, unfortunately implementing things of this nature usually come with their own kinks and issues to work on. That being, if you find anything that does not seem to be working properly, please shoot me an email as I would appreciate to know about things that I might have overlooked!

Cleverley Full Brogue 1 Cleverley Full Brogue 2 George Cleverley Semi Brogue Darby George Cleverley Semi Brogue Darby 1

On another note, as you might also be able to tell, I have purchased a new camera, a proper one and thus will start to have better photography to make the new and improved site that much better. I know that some of you photography snobs have had issues in the past with my lovely (sarcasm) camera phone shots. But rest assured, improved technology has come to save the day and these bad boys are simply on the stock settings that come with turning on the camera, just you wait until I actually learn how to use it!! So, I thought that I would test it out on these 4 lovely George Cleverleys that a customer brought in for me to shine. And while the pictures are certain a million times clearer and better than my old way of taking them, I tell you that it still does not do just to my shine work! Oh well, just have to figure out those camera settings….

George Cleverley Black Wholecut George Cleverley Black Wholecut 1 George Cleverley Black Wholecut 2

Currently the release of my new Rainier model (see post here to view model) will be made available right here on the blog. On the top of the column to the right, you will see a picture of it with a text that says, “buy me now,” and when you click on the picture it will take you to the page where you can do just that, either through the use of any major credit card or with your Paypal account. I hope that you all enjoy the new model that was  made exclusively for you.

On another note, at the end of this year will mark my commencement to growing my brand not only outside of the UK but also internationally. I will be hosting an event in collaboration with Mes Chausettes Rouges at their lovely store in Paris at the end of October, where I will have two new colorways made, one in the Wedgwood boot and another in the Wallingford oxford model. Then in the middle of November, I will be making a US/Canada tour, hitting NYC, Toronto and Chicago, where I will also be involved in a few events with a certain you know who’s….will discuss this more in detail as the dates get closer. But just know that for at least one day in each city, I will be accessible for everyone to come and say hi should they wish….

Hope that everyone likes the sound of all that is new and going on and as always, I thank you all for your constant support!!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

George Cleverley Apron Toe Darby George Cleverley Apron Toe Darby 1 George Cleverley Apron Toe Darby 2

11 thoughts on “My New Camera + George Cleverley = Better Photography From Now On!!!”

  1. Great line up,Justin.
    Only sad part is,I’m in far away West Africa and don’t know how possible it would be to ship pairs of shoes over.
    Also,I hope you consider coming Africa in the nearest future,you will be amazed by the number of shoe snobs here…people who actually travel all the way Europe and America to shop for shoes.
    I’m a big fan of yours,much love!

    1. Thanks for all of the kind words Leon! I do indeed know how much Africans love their shoes!! If I can, I will find a way to make it over there and tap into the marketplace! Thanks for all of the support

  2. You should look for a dealer in Belgium as well 😉

    The new look blog looks great. Good luck with all your plans for the future!

    1. Thanks Arthur!! Well, I am not opposed to any place, but just need to find shops that I not only like but that will have me. Glad that you like the new layout!

    1. Hey Anand, they are all RTW and I have no clue what year made. You will have to ask Cleverley for that one

  3. Hi Justin, I did pass by G&H a few weeks back but you were not there. I loved the Wallingford suede/leather model … any hints where I could source this pair?

    Thanks again and congratulations on the new blog!

    1. Hey Andre, the Wallingford is now finally available at G&H or simply through my company via Paypal if you wanted to order a pair. Are you London based? When you came they had probably still not arrived in, but they are now here to stay….Let me know..

      1. Thanks a lot Justin, based in Geneva actually would you mind emailing me the details of how to proceed? I do come to London every few months as well.

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