No Two Brown Shoes Are Equal

No Two Brown Shoes Are Equal

The beauty of brown shoes or shades of brown leather is that even the exact pair of shoes can look different, not only through polishing but also through natural aging depending on not only the climate of the wearer but also the way they treat their shoes. While I have started to like black shoes a bit more as I get older, I still appreciate the various shades of browns/tans due to their ability to be altered. Here is a great example of how shoes that look somewhat similar all have their own unique characteristics though shading, polishing, aging and how they wear. And that is just a fraction of the spectrum of shades of brown. I know that one could in theory say that none of these are actually “brown” but in the shoe industry mentality, I feel that tan/reddish brown etc are really just variants of brown even though they look more like orange and red. Either way, it still goes to show the possibilities of depth of color on leather that is not black.

Photo courtesy of one of the greatest shoe collectors on Earth, known on IG as @not_fashion_but_style


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