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Last year I wrote about The Perfect Boot and how a nice dress chukka could take you a long way, and frankly, I still agree with that but considering it is 2011, I wanted to switch it up a little and tell you about my ideal boot!! I have always been a big fan of how people around the world dressed in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s, also known as the Victorian and Edwardian era’s. If you are unfamiliar with this way of dressing you can always watch movies such as Dorian Gray or Sherlock Holmes to get an idea. But to briefly tell you verbally, these two periods were a time in which people had the decency to always look sharp and by that, I state that the act of wearing a suit and dress attire was the norm. And part of that dress attire, as you can imagine, was some sort of dress shoe or boot, which brings us to the subject at hand…..

Edward Green boots
Edward Green boots
Septieme Largeur
Septieme Largeur
J.FitzPatrick Footwear
J.FitzPatrick Footwear


Boots At Top Of Page: Crockett & Jones (Clarence model)
Boots Above (4 Pair): Edward Green (Shannon model)

The balmoral boot, aesthetically, has to be my favorite boot and is obviously the inspiration behind this post, particularly the C&J model at the top of this page along with the black & white version of the Shannon model by Edward Green (above, left). Back in the Victorian/Edwardian days, you would have found that this was a favorite for the smarter dressed men of society. Considering that the streets were not paved as they are today, it was imperative for men to have nice dress boots that could help protect from the sludge that was inevitably everywhere. And because the balmoral boot is the dressiest boot there is, you can see why it was the go-to option for the men of these time periods!

Boots Above Top Row: Left – Edward Green; Right – Foster & Son
Boots Above Bottom Row: Rider Boot Co. (both)

While obviously not exclusive to British shoe companies, you will notice that the majority of my pictures do come from British shoe companies. I feel that because they were such a crucial piece in the sartorial realm of men in those time periods (periods characterized by British ruling, and fashion), British shoe companies seem to always have a model available in their current offerings where as shoe companies from other parts of the world may or may not be offering one at any given time. Nevertheless, the balmoral boot remains (as it did in the Victorian/Edwardian era’s) a quintessential piece in the wardrobes of the men who still care to dress with some exuberance!! And this is because, as you would know if you own a pair, it is a boot that can easily go from day wear with jeans, to work wear with suits, and then to evening wear with trousers and a button-up shirt. Now if only I owned a dang pair, I could have taken pictures to model that image for you!!!!!!!!!

Boots Top Row: Left – Cliff Roberts (British Bespoke Shoemaker); Right – Carreducker
Boots Middle Row: Left – Stefano Bemer; Right – Gaziano & Girling
Boots Bottom: Gaziano & Girling

12 thoughts on “My Ideal Boot”

  1. This is probably your best post in history. Justin, you just made my day. Those boots are beyond beauty…they are simply perfect.

    One day iŽll own a pair of them, iŽll promise. Until then, iŽll keep images of them labelled “shoe porn”…do you mind reblogging it?


  2. Spoozy – Were you asking if I mind if you reblog it?? It that is what you were asking then of course I don’t mind, reblog away!!! Glad that you enjoyed the post!

    -The Shoe Snob

  3. Hi Justin

    THis is my first visit to your blog. Read your bio. I admire your tenacity. All the best to you!

    By the way, love the pair from Carreducker.

    Have a great week ahead. Cheers!

  4. Kelvin – Thanks for visiting and for your comment. I told Carreducker that you enjoyed their boot and they were quite pleased. Enjoy the rest of your week as well.

    -The Shoe Snob

  5. Wow this is sublime. I ‘m a great fan of Edwardian Era and admire their shoe collections. I have just ordered for the Edward Green shannon’s Boots. 3 months delay to have them but i don’t mind.I will wear them with tweed jackets. Anyway this portrays you have got a good taste for shoes, same as those leaving comments on these beautiful treasures. I have been building my shoe collections since 3 years at at a whole i have 15 pairs ranging from John lobb about 6, C&C 3, Church 1, Bowen 5(french Shoe marker). Next is Edward Green, savoy, Trickers & Gaziano & Girlings. Am addicted. This is crazy. Anyway, keep up the good work and continue to inspire us with these beautiful collections.


  6. Obi – You make me jealous with your shoe collection. Even though I have many shoes, I have still yet to acquire some of the finest brands. I can only claim to have made some for myself as my pride and joy’s but I would love to own some Edward Green, John Lobb’s and G&G’s. I am truly happy that you enjoy the blog and am thankful for you comment. I hope to see you more on here.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  7. Hello Shoe Snob,

    The pleasure is like wise. I would like to attach some photos of my shoe collection but want to obtain the authorisation before doing so. If yes, how can i proceed with the attachment? There is certainly no link which is connected to attaching document. Hope to read from you soonest.



  8. Dear Obi – Why don’t you send them to me via email which you can find on my profile here on my blog. I don’t believe that you can attach photos directly onto my blog, you would need to have a URL and just link that.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  9. Is that Crockett and Jones from their Japanese line? I have found shoes their that are a notch above and different than what I see posted on English language sites. Is it a made to order?


  10. Alboo – Honestly, I have no idea, but it would not surprise me if it was. Shoes made for Japanese lines are always much cooler than any other market.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  11. Blake Canham-Bennett

    I couldn’t agree more. A nice balmoral boot is really the only kind of shoe I dream of owning, and the other additional pair I’d like to add to my collection. Unfortunately, they do appear to be very hard to find, and especially so for one such as myself living in a place like South Australia. I think my only option will be to commission someone with making me a pair, which is somewhat handy, as it’s something I think I wouldn’t so much mind to drop a few hundred on.

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