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J.FItzPatrick Button Boots

New GMTO’s Now Live – The Button Series

Our latest GMTO series is now live and we are excited to be offering all of these. If money were no option, we would always carry stock of all of the brilliant shoe/boot models we have made over the years, but sadly this is not possible. This is why?getting on board with the GMTO/Crowdfund option is a good win/win for all, as you get a stab at a very unique and striking piece of footwear without having to pay an added MTO fee and we don’t have the run the risk of stockholding which can be tough for a small brand. Please read the GMTO carefully before making your purchase. We offer 2 ways of paying, one that involves upfront payment with a discount and another that involves a 50% deposit without a discount. The choice is yours! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email:? J.FitzPatrick Footwear

J.FItzPatrick Button Boots1J.FItzPatrick Button Boots2J.FItzPatrick Button Boots3J.FItzPatrick Button shoes1J.FItzPatrick Button shoessunnamed

1 thought on “The Button Series – GMTO Boots/Shoes”

  1. On one hand, these look AMAZING.

    On the other, I’m not sure how I feel about saying “Hold on, my shoe is unbuttoned.”

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