Museum Sole by Il Quadrifoglio
Photos Courtesy of Style Forum

The concept of the “museum” characteristic is spreading and it’s now reached your soles, thanks to Il Quadrifoglio. This one of course, is bespoke, but I can bet you that someone (I have my money on Meermin) will start to do it for RTW shoes as well. As per usual, only time will tell. This is actually quite a cool version of it and makes me want to see what this would look like on the upper as opposed to the sole. That would have to be a proper patina though. Hmmm…maybe I will see about commissioning one as I think that this style of museum in several shades burgundy/merlot would be absolutely amazing!! Don’t you?

Thanks for the inspiration Il Quadrifoglio. (nice shoe too!)

By the way, did we all have apocalyptic weather in the middle of last night or was it just London? Literally sounded like the world was going to end! Don’t think that I have ever heard rain and thunder that loud or seen that much lightning. Things are changing….

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun! (just don’t get burnt!)

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Museum Sole by Il Quadrifoglio
Il Quadrifoglio by Atsushi Qnai
Museum Sole by Il Quadrifoglio
Il Quadrifoglio by Atsushi Qnai
Museum Sole by Il Quadrifoglio
Il Quadrifoglio by Atsushi Qnai



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3 thoughts on “Museum Sole by Il Quadrifoglio”

  1. Jesper Ingevaldsson

    Actually Antonio Meccariello recently did shoes with the same marble effect, on both upper and sole. Here’s some pics:

    It’s kind of interesting how these things often seem to pop up at the same time around lots of different places. It’s hard to say who was first with things, since in a second everyone is doing it. It’s like the seamless wholecut, who is offered by everyone from Enzo Bonafé and Saint Crispin’s to Maftei and Jan Kielman, and loads of others, these days. Just a few of years ago they were pretty rare. And I saw my first seamless boot a couple of months ago, but by now I’ve already seen them done by three different makers all of a sudden..

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