Museum Calf Belts

Museum Calf Belts

Finding a belt that matches can be tricky for certain leathers. Which often leaves certain individuals in quite a predicament for their waist-wear. When Museum Calf started becoming all of the rage in the shoe industry finding a belt to match was next to impossoble. Now that most makers offer this type of leather it is not so uncommon to find a belt to match. But getting all of the shades on offer is still tough.

At J.FitzPatrick Footwear we offer 6 of the main shades, but lack the grey and dark green museum which are hard to justify stocking. But for those of you with the various shades of brown museum calf, you are in luck as we have all 4 options: gold, copper, walnut and dark brown along with the luscious plum and navy options.

Dont miss our bundled deals either. If you get 3 belts there is money off to be had!

3 for $245 at the US site:

3 for 200 at the UK site:

Belts make great gifts and as Xmas is around the corner it is best to get prepared!

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