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Our other partner for the 2019 London Super Trunk Show is Swiss leather goods maker J.Hopenstand

J. Hopenstand was started by the leather craftsman Jacques Hopenstand in Paris in 1925. The company was later moved to Switzerland by his grandchildren and is today based in Lausanne. J. Hopenstand is most famous for their very exclusive double-sided belts, which have cleverly designed buckles making them possible to use with both sides facing outwards. With a huge selection of the leathers and buckle types available, there’s a great possibility to create a belt that suits your needs.

RTW belts are Handmade in France and start at 250 CHF

Bespoke belts made to your own specifications are Handmade in Switzerland and delivered within 4-6 weeks and start at 520 CHF.

Hopenstand also has some other high-quality products in their line-up. For example exquisitely made card holders, also these available to personalize and have made to your own specifications. They also have thin cashmere scarves, super soft, wearing these are like have a warm summer breeze against your neck.

The London Super Trunk Show 2019 will be held atShowcase.coon Saturday, March 23th, 2019

To read more about the London Super Trunk Show 2019, please clickHERE


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