MTO Promotion Month – 50% off the MTO fees!

September is one of our MTO promotion months, at J.FitzPatrick Footwear, in which we offer you a discount on placing your MTO orders. You have the entire month to do so, so start thinking of what you want and get back to us. Here is a breakdown of the discount:

An MTO for shoe model =†Full Retail Price of model plus MTO fee of $125 (now discounted to $62.50)

An MTO for boot model =†Full Retail Price of model plus MTO fee of $150 (now discounted to $75)

If you buy 1-2 pairs, the discount on the MTO fee is 50% off

If you buy +3 pairs, the MTO fees will be waived altogether


When giving a discount on MTO’s we require that you pay half of the price of the shoe/boot plus the 50% MTO fee as your deposit.

When getting waived MTO fees, we require upfront payment

All MTOs take around 4 months to complete. This can vary due to leather and complication of MTO (i.e. tweaking patterns)


Instagram is a great place to gain inspiration for your MTOs. Please see our page there and follow us if you have not already (our Instagram page)

Here is a link that briefly explains what can be done, although we have more options than we listed:†

And when ready, please email:

Below you can see a few examples of what we have done for other customers

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