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For my own shoe company, I have decided to explain why I create/offer new models etc and thought that I would also write this on the blog for those of you that are curious about why I decide†to offer something or what process went through my head for a particular design. And even if you are not interested in my shoe brand, it will be an educational and entertaining read for those of you curious to learn more about shoes in general. I hope that you enjoy them. It will be a weekly-ish post for the next few weeks as I explain my SS2018 offering. Enjoy!

The Double Monk has come a long way since it’s trendy inception around 8-10 years ago. I remember that one day all of the sudden you found them everywhere. Each brand had the same cap toe double monk and the market was absolutely flooded with them. But it wasn’t a bad idea to have one as everybody wanted a pair. Getting a piece of that pie was enticing to many brands. But not us at J.FitzPatrick Footwear. We decided to stay away from the trend and initially launched a balmoral double monkstrap, our Corliss model, with sweeping back straps on each side of the ankle. After that, we did the Montlake, a classic double monk strap but with an apron toe. And this was our collection. Until now.

Five years after our brand’s inception and well past the era of double monk madness, we felt it was time to finally get on board with the craze. And not because they are trendy still. But rather now because they are a classic. The cap toe double monk is in offices across the world almost as much as loafers are and that is saying something. It is a staple piece in the world of footwear. Most men that have more than two pairs of dress shoes have a cap toe double monk to accompany. And thus it became a classic in the world of men’s smart footwear. And more likely than not, it is here to stay!

So we decided to launch our own version, the Kent model. While we cannot claim that it is extremely different than the rest of what is available, what we feel sets it apart is that it is on our TMG last, our classic last that was derived from a bespoke one that Mr. Tony Gaziano made for myself, Justin FitzPatrick. And we feel that this last truly suits this model making it a shoe that can sit well underneath any suit and even casually complemented by a nice pair of denim jeans. In the Walnut Museum Calf, we feel that its dress appeal is like that of a classic oxford, say our Magnolia, and that this is any man’s wardrobe can enhance his offering of outfits.

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And of course, as always, please don’t hesitate to email me at††for any questions


Justin FitzPatrick aka ‘The Shoe Snob’

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