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More Vs Poor: What Women Think About A Man With Style

Hey all, today I have something a little different on my blog. This is a guest post by my friend True Queen. She is going to shed some light on how women think about men and their style choices and how shoes play a big part of that. I hope that you all enjoy it!

“How a man is dressed speaks volumes to a woman long before he even gets a chance to utter his name. Women generally are extremely detail oriented and will pick apart and dissect any given object in several different ways to determine whether or not something is of value or junk. This method can be applied to just about anything including men; and when it comes to a man and his personal style, there is much to learn from a man who chooses loafers over sneakers.

Now when it comes to dress, I think I can speak for all women when I say that first impressions can be critical. I’m not one to leave judgment based on appearance alone, there are a lot of great guys out there that don’t quite have fashion down; but with some time and effort a man can surely up his chances on making any sort of connection with the opposite sex with a few minor, or major changes.

Sight, Smell and Shoes; the three S’s men should be aware of when dressing in a manner that will attract or merely impress women. Women generally think that a man with style will be more likely to care about the minor details in a potential relationship if he pays attention to minor details like accessories, a dapper pair of shoes and a splash of cologne on himself.

Of the 3 I think the shoes speak the loudest just because they can be noted from a distance, and bring the caliber of any outfit up just based on the shoes alone. His style doesn’t have to be sleek either, some women like a man who is rugged around the edges like Johnny Depp or Lenny Kravitz. Just make sure you know how to do it without looking like a bum.

Cleanliness is first and foremost in my mind when I see a man who is well put together. I would hope that his house would look as put together as he is; It just doesn’t make sense to look so put together and live in chaos.

Stability; a man who can maintain his sexy, trim his nose hairs, and keep up with the latest trends tells a woman he is financially stable, focused and ambitious.

Regular grooming tells a woman that he cares about the face he puts forward when he walks out the door. You can have a beard, but do you cut your nails? Clean your ears, women watch all these things and faster than you would think.

We would like to believe that men with these traits would care just as much about us if given the chance. Style and relationships I find seem to be intertwined as much as many don’t want to admit the world of fashion is one that is vain we see everything before we hear anything.

Look to men like Andre 300, Kanye West, Jonny Depp, Brad Pitt, Chris Brown, Christiano Ronaldo and other with similar style for inspiration. A little detail goes a long way.”

Shannon H. “Empress”

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