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Mark my words: “There will be a day when two toned (or multiple material) shoes are acceptable in all work places.” The more that factories come out with their own brands, the more that people like me write about and wear funky shoes and thus the more that people order MTO number’s that allow for color and/or material variation, the more that it will become a norm in society. I am happy about this, because as most of you know, I find it stupid that one has to resort to only wearing mega-conservative shoes in any corporate workplace. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want everyone to turn up to work in yellow shoes, but I do believe that if left to a judgement call of management allowing for more liberty in work attire, yet still upholding a standard of elegance, then people could easily wear this interesting piece above by Meermin Mallorca. And who is to say that this would not look elegant under a nice mid-dark blue suit?….Only people stuck in the mindset of black shoes underneath blue suits, that’s who!! And they are quickly becoming the minority….. So once again, I implore you to be a bit bold, and show up to your corporate job in something outside of a dark shoe and/or single tone shoe…..just try it, and maybe together we can start to break molds…. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Meermin Single Monk MTO”

  1. I don’t love these. But I agree with what you said, though: what is wrong with an elegant two-texture balmoral, even a boot? There are definitely shoes that can push the limit without appearing too casual.

    Personally I’ve worn shark skin saddles to a big client meeting, and went out today in my favourite tan calf and beige canvas spectators. And you know what? People love a bit of expression and originality – if you’ve got the personality to carry it off.

    Now young man, can we see some more of YOUR shoes please? Is that a grey full brogue in your Selfridge’s display? Come on, tell us more!

  2. Justin: Meermin’s MTO effectively starts at 360: 260 for “Linea Maestro”, 100 for MTO fee. Plus another 50 if you want any variation at all on the fit e.g. wider or narrower fitting. Plus 30 for trees. Etc. Add in some toe taps and postage, and you’re looking at about 500 Euros including VAT.

    I’m told some of them are nice though. But avoid their Argentinian cordovan (an extra 100 by the way), and bear in mind that for the same price you could have their family-related company Carmina’s instead, or maybe Laszlo Vass?

    Seems to me that Meermin are best value at their entry pricing, but have a lot more competition as you go up the range.

  3. Alex B – You are right…i did not read the entire MTO sheet that Pepe sent me….however, too often you are obsessed with saying well, if you can afford this, then you just might as well get that…what if the person likes a last on Meermin that Carmina and Vass don’t offer? Or what if you don’t want a super stiff shoe, like Carmina is? If you can afford 1 pair of Lobbs, you should just buy 5 pairs of Ed Et Al’s….too many if’s….


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