Well, it would seem that the busy life of a shoe shiner and upcoming shoe designer is starting to take its toll on the ‘ol blog. As most of you may know, on Mondays, I usually like to start my week with a nice long post with a bit more informative content with respects to my other daily rants. As you can tell, it’s now Tuesday and I am still struggling to get out more than a few sentences to supply all of you with. I do apologize, but it would seem that I have truly spread myself too thin, and things are starting to get sacrificed. While my delays in answering comments and emails are starting to get longer and longer, and I can’t promise a long post on each Monday, I do promise that no matter what, I will still answer everything and that a long post will come, just maybe not on the same day every week.

That being, allow me to present these lovely brogue boots by George Materna.There is something quite appealing in a nice rugged dress boot, a boot that has a leather sole but looks sturdy and elegant at the same time. And this right here is the perfect example of it and is what I have being thinking about doing for my own collection as well (for a later season and with a twist of course!). I have always liked the idea of a heavy brogue boot, but never liked the heavy lug sole, not at least on me or underneath my slim trousers, But a boot like this, that has the sturdy look but with a nice proper leather sole, presents the perfect balance between jean-manliness and casual-elegance! And of course, what better than a lovely shade of burgundy…..

3 thoughts on “Materna Boots – Built To Last”

  1. Beautiful. I also prefer a leather sole, and a boot that manages to be both rugged and elegant is the ideal: this embodies the thought perfectly.

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