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Like most events, sponsors/partners are involved to help make the whole thing happen. To these partners we are eternally grateful for and therefore wish to shed some light on who they are in the hopes that while many of you will come to see shoes, that you also check out the partners and see what they have available. So here goes:

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Our Main Partner – Saphir  

For those that do not already know, Saphir is one of the leading premium shoe care product manufacturers in the world. The French brand is owned by Avel, which falls under the Alma Group, a parent company who also owns other shoe care brands such Dasco, Tarrago and La Cordonnerie Anglais. The standard Saphir range holds a massive amount of products, everything from your regular shoe cream, wax polish, cleaners, impregnation sprays etc to more specialized products like leather dye and leather repair pastes.

However, among shoe aficionados, they are most famous for their premium shoe care range Saphir Medaille d’Or. Named after the gold medal it received at the International Exhibition in Paris 1925 due to the high quality of the products. The creams and waxes are still today produced by the same recipe, and since then a number of other premium shoe care products has been added to the range. One of the new favorites that can be mentioned is the Mirror Gloss wax polish which makes it easier to achieve a real high gloss shine on the toe and heel of your shoes. All Medaille d’Or products contain mainly natural products:  bees wax, carnauba wax, essence of turpentine, lanolin, mink oil, neatsfoot oil, vegetal materials and so on.

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Other Partner – Fred & Matt Overshoes

The Swedish based company Fred & Matt who has developed a new modern type of overshoe that’s increasing in popularity. The founders of Fred & Matt were not completely satisfied with the overshoe range that existed in the then current marketplace, and thought that one should be able to solve this ‘overshoe’ idea in a better execution. They got help from the Swedish designer Barbro Berlin and German shoe developer Klaus Pfalzgraf, and also found a small shoe factory that would help manufacture the product.

Fred & Matt’s overshoes cover the entire shoe (unlike all others in the marketplace) and have uppers made in a modern, functional textile with sealed seams, which together makes them completely waterproof, yet at the same time breathable. The soles are made of rubber and is more reminiscent of traditional galosh soles, but the rubber has a slightly different texture and is very hard wearing. They cost Ł110/€130. All those that have switched from the regular rubber galoshes to Fred & Matt’s often name the fact that they are more comfortable (extremely lightweight) and more practical since they cover the whole shoe.

Read review of their product here on The Shoe Snob Blog

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Other Partner – Oppermann London

Oppermann London was founded a few years ago by the two brothers Mattis and Niklas Oppermann. They produce minimalistic, elegant luxury leather bags and accessories produced in Italy from the finest Italian vachetta leather and Swedish vegetable tanned leather from the famous Tärnsjö tannery.

The company has a pride in being completely transparent with their products, listing everything from which factory they work with to all suppliers of both leather and things like zippers and buckles. Since they only sell directly to the end consumer and don’t have the retail mark-up the products are seen as very affordable. Their elegant briefcases cost between Ł275/€320 and Ł450/€520 depending on model, and smaller accessories like card holders are around Ł60/€70.


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London banner clean

We are very proud to invite you to the world’s largest open event for classic shoes, the first edition of the London Super Trunk Show, organized by Shoegazing and The Shoe Snob. In the central parts of London on Saturday May 13 we gather no less than 11 brands from all over the world, three interesting partners, there will be the first ever World Championship in Shoe Shining, a panel discussion with people from the British shoe industry, and more. Below all info about this historic event.


Location: The Music Room, 26 South Molton Lane, Mayfair, London

Date: Saturday May 13, 2017

Full schedule for the day:

10.00-11:00: Trunk show VIP opening (150 pre-registered visitors, ALL FULL NOW)

11:00-20:00: Trunk show open for the public, FREE OF CHARGE AND NO REGISTRATION NEEDED. Exhibitions with Barbanera, Carlos Santos/Skoaktiebolaget, Caulaincourt, Hiro Yanagimachi, J. FitzPatrick Footwear, Norman Vilalta, Ramon Cuberta, Stefano Bemer, Vass, Yanko/Skolyx, plus a new shoe store that will be introduced later. Also exhibitions with the event’s main partner Saphir (shoe care) and the partners Fred & Matt (overshoes) and Oppermann London (leather bags and accessories).

15.00-15.30: World Championships in Shoe Shining in cooperation with Saphir, 1st prize shoes from Loake

18:00-18:40: Panel discussion about the future for the market of classic shoes. With Tony Gaziano, co-founder Gaziano & Girling, Peter Reed, Sales Director Crockett & Jones, Sarah Nelson, co-owner A Fine Pair of Shoes. Moderator Simon Crompton of Permanent Style.

20.00: Event closes

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