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Saphir is one of the leading premium shoe care product manufacturers in the world. The French brand is owned by Avel Group, who in turn is owned by a larger group that also owns brands like Dasco, Terrago and La Cordonnerie Anglais under their branch. Well known for both the high quality of care and protection of the products, as well as their ease of use. The standard Saphir range holds a massive amount of products, everything from your regular shoe cream, wax polish, cleaners, impregnation sprays etc to more specialized products like leather dye or leather repair pastes. All know for being of the utmost quality.

Among shoe nerds, they are most famous for their premium shoe care range Saphir Medaille d’Or. Named after the gold medal it received at the International Exhibition in Paris 1925 due to the high quality of the products. The creams and waxes are still today produced by the same recipe, and since then a number of other premium shoe care products has been added to the range. They are constantly developing their range. Most recently they introduced their new ‘Mirror Gloss’ wax polish which makes it easier to achieve a real high gloss shine on the toe and heel of your shoes. This product instantly gained high popularity among those trying to keep their shoes looking good.

All Medaille d’Or products contain only natural products:  beeswax, carnauba wax, the essence of turpentine, lanolin, mink oil, neatsfoot, vegetal materials and so on.

Thanks to Saphir, we are able to hold the Super Trunk Show in London!

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