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Yankois a Mallorca-based (Spanish) company which the founders of both Carmina and Meermin used worked for back in the days (all three coming from the original Albaladejo family/shoe brand). The three companies have nothing to do with each other nowadays, although many of them share the same last name. The Yanko brand was actually a giant in the shoe industry up until the 80’s, and made over a million pairs of shoes a year (which is an insane amount, think 4 times the size of Crockett & Jones). However there was heavy backlash in the 90’s and the company went bankrupt shortly thereafter. Yanko’s bankrupt estate was purchased in 2007 by a group of businessman who had good experience in the shoe indusry. Since their arrival they have slowly but surely built back up the company and Yanko shoes once again have a reputation of very good quality/price ratio.

Yanko shoes are Goodyear welted, using French calfksins and British suede with closed channeled soles and bevelled waist. All at a price of 240/€280.

One of the retailers that has helped to put Yanko back on the map is the webshop Skolyx, which will be at the Super Trunk presenting Yanko and all their offerings from the brand. They have a wide range of stock models, some unique make-ups for the store, and also offer a patina service starting at 100/€120 extra and Made to Order which is 85/€100 upcharge from the base price.

More info on the London Super Trunk Show on May 13th at The Music Room CAN BE FOUND HERE

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