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For those that do not know, Paolo Scafora, is one of the most well known and trusted manufacturers of high quality footwear in Italy. Many of you may not have heard of him because prior to a few years ago, Paolo mainly concentrated on the Asian markets and private label for some of the biggest and most famous fashion brands the world has known. But in order to really show the world who he is, and what the brand is capable of, Paolo has started doing more direct to consumer and selling to stores more known to the Western and Online worlds. For more info on his history, please read the link HERE from 2018 Super Trunk Show.

I had the pleasure of first meeting Paolo at Pitti Uomo about 5 years ago (or maybe 6 I can’t keep track so well). He was (and is) a great guy and being an admirer of his work, we got to chatting a bit and quickly became friends. During my trips to Pitti (I stopped going about 3-4 years ago), we regularly met up for dinner so we could chat about the industry. I wanted his brand to become more ‘mainstream’ as I felt that it deserved attention. There is literally nothing his production house cannot make. And I mean nothing. He offers exotics, cemented shoes, blake stitched, bologna construction, sneakers, seamless wholecuts, goodyear welted, handwelted and full on bespoke. He also offers some of the finest Norwegian stitching the world has on offer. He can do it all and do it well. His finishing is top-notch. His designs are unique and thoughtful. It’s a brand worth knowing and for shoe geeks across the world to be mentioning when they are referring to ‘the best.’

So it is a pleasure to once again have him at this year’s London Super Trunk Show. And if you are around, I suggest you come give him a look, not only to see the shoes but to meet a great man that is behind his brand. It is not fluff when I tell you that Paolo is a stand-up guy. Truly unique and of the far and few between.

The Londonwill be held atShowcase.coon Saturday, April 25th, 2020

To read more about theShow 2020, please clickHERE


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    with best regards

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