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JSEP is the combination of 3 Japanese shoe brands: Oriental/Matsumoto, Miyagi Kogyo, and Kiten

Ahead of the free-trade-agreement with EU, which is expected to be in place already in February, Japanese brands are introduced to the European market (with Brexit it’s still uncertain what happens in England with this, we’ll see, but the super trunk is held before). Jsep, Japan Shoes Export Platform, are introducing Oriental/Matsumoto, Miyagi Kogyo, and Kiten. They also attended last year and made a big impression. Make sure to really take the chance and study these up-close, if you happen to visit this year’s event.

Here’s a quick summary of all three brands.

Oriental/Matsumoto makes very well-made shoes on well-balanced lasts, with elegant narrow waists and ever so slightly tapered heels. Matsumoto only uses high-grade European leathers from Annonay and Weinheimer. Price starts around £530/€600.

Courtesy of Skomaker Dagestad

The shoes of Miyagi Kogyo is often compared to Edward Green, with similar, traditional last shapes and with a similar sole treatment. They also have a nice burnished toe. Kogyo’s shoes cost somewhere at £415/€470.



The last brand is a bit different, it’s Kiten who makes more casual shoes. They are made with a Bologna construction, a sort of moccasin type, which makes really comfortable shoes, and since they have full rubber outsoles cemented on it doesn’t leak any water. A good compromise between comfort and durability. Price around £265/€300.


The London Super Trunk Show 2019 will be held at on Saturday, March 23th, 2019

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